D7.6 - Final summary of communication, awareness and dissemination actions

The present document summarises the communication and awareness plans in its previous versions and the methodology, target groups, communication channels and dissemination activities through-out the course of the HIGGS project and what is planned beyond the project lifetime.

As the project was severely affected by the COVID-19 restrictions, particularly in the first 2.5 project years, the focus of the communication and dissemination strategy was distributed differently. At the beginning of the project, the creation and provision of digital media was prioritised.

This made it possible to draw attention to the project even though there were few to no physical activities and events. In addition, online activities were prioritised and focused on. This enabled the dissemination stream of information to be maintained despite COVID-19 restrictions.

Following this phase and with the easing of restrictions, there was an increased focus on physical meetings and events. The entire consortium increased its participation in local events, exhibitions and conferences. This was beneficial for dialogue with stakeholders and also made impact generation even more effective

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Project presentation during EGATEC 2022