D 7.4 - Communication and awareness plan - update 3

The communication and awareness plan defines the communication strategy and tools to be developed and used towards a successful dissemination of the project and its results.
The project grant agreement, through the description of action, contained the draft of this plan as part of the measures to maximise the project’s impact.
This document describes the dissemination goals, target audience and appropriate channels to provide a regular flow of information. This version is the third and last updated version of the plan, followed by a final report on dissemination activities and materials by the end of the project.

Due to the project amendment by 12 months (new project end 31.12.2023 (M48)), the communication and dissemination activities are also affected.
The extension of the project will not influence the content of WP7 but has an assumed positive effect on the overall impact of the HIGGS project in general. First, since the quality and results produced in the project will be more extensive and secondly since there is more time to reach out to a larger target group. Since the WP stretches over the complete runtime of the project, the activities will be stretched out to fit the new end date.

The project extension provides the opportunity to attend additional events and to catch up on events that have been cancelled because of the Covid 19 pandemic and its restrictions. These will be additionally considered in the extension period. Activities will be rescheduled to fit with the new runtime and progress of results.
Finally, logos and templates have been adjusted due to changes within the funding regulation of Clean Hydrogen Partnership.

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