D 5.3 – Intermediate report: key findings on potential and enablers

D5.3 reveals that large scale hydrogen separation costs can be decreased to 13,812 €/m2, which is 37% lower than lab scale separation. The report also shows that the cost of separating 1 Nm3/h of hydrogen is expected to be around 0.95 €/Nm3 of H2, although this is dependent on the price of electricity. Transport costs for hydrogen were found to be between approx. 3-5 €/MWh/1000km without consideration of membranes, and between approx. 7-11 €/MWh/1000km considering the targeted use of membranes. The report suggests that the conversion of the entire existing European gas grid to transport hydrogen may be a cost-effective solution, but further local analysis is needed. The findings will be further elaborated with the partners involved in the project to provide recommendations for decision-making

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