D1.5: Data Management Plan

As a Project taking part in the Open Research Data Pilot, HIGGS intends to develop a Data Management Plan (DMP), the first draft being the present document and to be updated during the project lifetime. This document also aims to pool results generated in the project that may lead to intellectual property (IP). HIGGS project will perform large amount of experimental and computational data which will cover the gaps of knowledge of the impact that high levels of hydrogen could have on the gas infrastructure, its components and its management.
This DMP will thus contain all forms of knowledge generated by the project.

Whenever significant changes arise in the project, such as

  • New data sets
  • Changes in consortium policies
  • New exploitable results
  • External factors

a new version of the DMP shall be uploaded taking into account the major develop-ments. In any case, the DMP shall be updated as part of the mid-term and final project reviews of HIGGS.

Download D 1.5