The HIGGS Project

HIGGS project aims to pave the way to decarbonisation of the gas grid and its usage, by covering the gaps of knowledge of the impact that high levels of hydrogen could have on the gas infrastructure, its components and its management.
To reach this goal, several activities, including mapping of technical, legal and regulatory barriers and enablers, testing and validation of systems and innovation, techno-economic modelling and the preparation of a set of conclusions as a pathway towards enabling the injection of hydrogen in high-pressure gas grids, are developed in the project.

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  • HIGGS at the European Gas and Energy Research and Innovation Days

    HIGGS at the European Gas and Energy Research and Innovation Days

    Within the “European Gas and Energy Research and Innovation Days”, a partner event of the DVGW at gat | wat 2021 organised by ERIG, HIGGS is hosting a whole day focusing on Hydrogen Tolerance in the Transmission Grid. Register now to participate! ERIG is organizing an online partner event “European Gas and Energy Research and […]read more

About the Project

The main goal of the HIGGS project "Hydrogen in Gas Grids - A systematic vallidation approach at variuos admixture levels into high-pressure grids" is to facilitate that existing gas infrastructure can be a way of transporting hydrogen from point of production to its final destination of utilisation. Within the project the partners will cooperate to analys the potential and requirements of existing high pressure infrastructure, its components and its managment in concern to the incorporation of hydrogen.


All partners involved in HIGGS are renowned national organisations in the field of gas and materials research. The span includes technical scientific associations over research institutes to high pressure gas grid operators. If you want further information to one ore more of the partners, follow the logos.

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